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A Merry-da Way To Start The Day

Good morning! O si te encuentras en Mérida, buenos días! If you're here, you're likely poking around for some coffee or breakfast recommendations. Keep reading for a few of our favorite spots!

Te Extraño Extraño

Calle 56 426 Zona Paseo De Montejo, Centro, 97000 Merida, Yuc., Mexico

Located just off the South end of Paseo de Montejo, Te Extraño Extraño offers both indoor and outdoor seating, delicious food, and beautiful details to surround your dining experience. While you can find a few "traditional" breakfast foods on the menu such as oatmeal, avocado toast, hot cakes and French Toast, what stands out most to us is the regional specialties this restaurant provides. They prepare a few dishes with longaniza de Valladolid, a smoky sausage that is very popular in the State of Yucatán.

Baretto Espresso Bar

Calle 47 478 Esq. Calle 56, Centro 97000 Merida, Yuc., Mexico

This cute little espresso bar is on the corner of 47 and 56, just up from Te Extraño Extraño. This is a great stop if you need a caffeine bump or a tasty pastry. We happened upon this place by accident and were not disappointed! We share a mutual love for almond (almendra en español) and chocolate croissants, which we were lucky to find here at this cafe!

Pan & Køf.feé

Calle 43 Between 58 and 60 #485, Santa Ana, 97000 Merida, Yuc., Mexico

This sweet cafe is tucked away about a block and a half off of Paseo Montejo, close to Casas Gemelas (The Twin Houses), and BiciMerida. The decadent smell of coffee and fresh bread greets you with a warm hug, and the pastries are as good as they look! This has become a favorite stop of ours when we are walking through the neighborhood.

If you've made it this far, thank you! Keep checking back as we add more spots, and let us know what tasty places you discover in the comments! Merida is full of delicious food around almost every corner! Enjoy!

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