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Paseo de Montejo And The Places You'll Go!

If you've googled Merida at this point, chances are you have also heard of Paseo de Montejo, arguably the most notable avenue in the State of Yucatan. Full of shops, cafes, restaurants, and beautiful photo opportunities, Paseo de Montejo is a must visit while in Merida! Keep reading to find out some of our favorite spots!

Las Casas Gemelas (The Twin Houses)

Paseo de Montejo 495, Zona Paseo de Montejo, Centro, 97000 Merida, Yuc., Mexico

Las Casas Gemelas are a beautiful sight to see while walking down Paseo de Montejo. If you are particularly interested in history and beautiful architecture, then the tour of the museum is a must! The homes once hosted guests such as President John F. Kennedy, Jackie O, Prince Ranier, and Grace Kelly. As you tour the museum you can hear stories of how the homes once functioned, and see the beautiful art and historical photos. General Admission is 250 pesos, or just under $15, and is approximately a 40 minute tour.

La Bici Ruta

Closed route on Paseo de Montejo through Centro every Sunday morning 8:00am-12:30pm

Hands down the best part of being in Merida over the weekend is La Bici Ruta! Starting at 8am every Sunday morning, you can rent a bike (or walk) and ride along the route down Paseo de Montejo through Centro. Some rental companies are even extra creative and have tandem bicycles or pedal carts. Locals and tourists alike are out and about on Sunday mornings and this is one experience you won't want to pass up!

Gran Museo de Mundo Maya

Calle 60 299 E, Unidad Revolución, 97110 Merida, Yuc., Mexico

About 15 minutes North of downtown Merida, you'll find the Grand Museum of the Mayan World. Keep in mind, not all of the signs are in English, but they do offer English tours on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am. General admission is 150 pesos, or just under $10 USD.

Plaza Grande

Calle 60 S/N, Centro, 97000 Merida, Yuc., Mexico

Surrounded by trees and picturesque buildings, Plaza Grande is in the heart of downtown Merida and offers plenty of photo opportunities. In this Plaza you can spot the Catedral de Merida - San Ildefonso, which was built way back in the 1500s! The pastel pink City Hall across the Plaza from the Cathedral also makes for some dramatic photos. Within this Plaza you can also find the Merida sign (if you didn't already take a photo with the one at the airport!). Typically there are churro and marquesita carts sprinkled throughout the Plaza. If you've never had a marquesita, we highly recommend getting this Yucatan treat with nutella and queso de bola! It's sweet and savory and oh-so-delish!

Parque de Santa Lucia

Calle 60 476A, Parque Santa Lucia, Centro, 97000 Merida, Yuc., Mexico

Each time we are in Mérida, we are sure to visit Parque de Santa Lucia. Lined with several delicious restaurants including Apoala, Avec Amour, and La Tratto Santa Lucia, if you're looking for good food, this area is a safe bet! Across the street is La Chaya Maya, and around the corner is Museo de la Gastronomía Yucateca. Within the park, you can see a super-sized version of the "Sillas Tu y Yo" or the "You and Me Chairs" that are peppered throughout the city.. Legend has it an overprotective father built the chairs so his daughter could talk to a boy she liked. If you ask us, this is a much more comfortable way to sit and have a conversation! We would love to see your "Tu y Yo" photos around the city!

Did you have an experience in Merida you want to share? Comment below! We can't wait to see your photos and hear about the great memories you made!

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