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What We Provide

At Cozumel Abyss Divers, our focus is quality not quantity. If you take a course with us, you are not only learning about scuba diving.  No, this is an investment in yourself to gain lifelong skills and a solid foundation you can continue to build on.  Our entire team is dedicated to your success, no matter what course you decide to take!

Courses for New & experienced Divers

Discover Scuba Diving/ Intro to Scuba

$100 USD

Have you always been curious about scuba diving but not sure if you would like to commit to a full course?  If so, a DSD experience is for you!  Instead of three days, this experience is approximately three hours!  Also, if you decide that you love scuba diving as much as we do and would like to purchase a full Open Water Course with us, we apply this amount towards the course as long as you purchase within the same trip.

PADI Open Water Diver Course

$550 USD

Our Open Water Diver Course is approximately three to four days and includes everything you need to get certified from your E-Learning, equipment rental, air tanks, and of course, your certification card!

Open Water Diver Referral

$200 - $400 USD

Did you start your Open Water Course with another dive shop but wish to complete your certification with us?  Our referral program cost varies depending on how much you have already completed, but don't hesitate to reach out to our team so you can start diving!

Scuba Review/ ReActivate

$80 USD

If you haven't been diving for a while, it's better to be over-prepared than risk a problem because you forget something important!  Within a couple of hours, our team will have you ready to dive again if you are feeling a bit rusty.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course

$380 USD

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course is all about advancing your skills.  You'll practice navigation and buoyancy, try deep diving, and make three specialty dives of your choosing.  And here's a bonus, for every specialty dive you complete, you can earn credits towards other PADI specialty certifications!

Nitrox Enriched Air Diver

$230 USD

Enriched air, also known as nitrox or EANx, contains less nitrogen than regular air.  Breathing less nitrogen means that you can enjoy longer dives and shorter surface intervals. No wonder this is PADI's most popular specialty!

Continued Education Specialty Courses

Drift Specialty 


Boat Specialty

$150 USD

Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPB)

$200 USD

Navigation Specialty

$200 USD

Night Specialty

$200 USD

Deep Specialty

$300 USD

Wreck Specialty

$300 USD

Sidemount Specialty

$350 USD

Cozumel is known for drift diving, so where better is there to earn this Specialty? Take this course if you would like to feel more confident diving in currents.

If you're new to boat diving or wish to learn more about diving from different types of boats, then enroll in the Boat Specialty course!

One of our most popular courses, excellent buoyancy control is what defines skilled scuba divers. PPB is the gateway to elevating your skills to the next level. This course will not only have you effortlessly gliding along, but your overall air consumption will improve over time as well!

Be a leader, not a follower! (Because you will know where you are and where you are going!) The Navigation Specialty teaches you key skills in finding your way underwater.

While Open Water divers can certainly night dive without this specialty, enrolling in this course will increase your confidence of diving and navigating in the dark!

If you're ready to dive deeper* into your learning, then this is definitely for you! With this course, you will gain the skills to explore to a max depth of 40 meters/ 130ft.

Would like to explore inside wrecks and learn special finning techniques? The wreck specialty is also a great introduction to surveying and using lines and reels.

Sidemount diving is an increasingly popular way to configure multiple cylinders.  If you are looking to get a start into technical diving, Sidemount is a great place to start! *Please contact our team if you need assistance with purchasing gear as we are happy to make recommendations.

Guided Technical Diving

Technical diving Open Circuit & Closed Circuit Rebreather / Gases & Sorb (Air, EAN, O2, TMx Normoxic)(Sofnolime) pricing available upon request.

Guided Cave or Cavern Diving

Cave and Cavern Diving is available in Cozumel with proper certification and at the discretion of our Chief Instructor. Cost may vary between $120 to $250 USD or more depending on gases, configuration and complexity of the dive.

Add On Services/ Equipment

Nitrox 32/36

$10 per tank

If you are Nitrox certified, we don't need to tell you the benefits of diving with Nitrox! Extended bottom time, shorter surface intervals, reduced exhaustion, and so on! How could you say no?

Equipment Cleaning and Storage

$15 /person /day

Do you dread cleaning and storing your equipment after diving each day? If so, let our amazing Equipment Specialist take care of that for you! 

Equipment Rentals

$40 full kit

$10 per item

$10 per light

$15 per CPU

Do you have your own BCD but need a regulator? Or maybe you forgot to pack your fins? Perhaps you are a new diver and haven't outfitted yourself yet! No worries, we have clean, safe equipment available for you to rent.

Are you doing a night dive and don't have your own flashlight? We got you!

Do you want to know more details of your dive profile? NDL, water temp or or average depth? Check our dive computers!

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