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Meet Our Team

Our team at Cozumel Abyss Divers is certainly diverse, but with that diversity comes the creativity to stay ahead of the current!  Check out our profiles below so you can put a face to the name, as well as get to know our family!


Jose Arosemena

Owner and Chief Instructor

Jose is a native of Cozumel and has been diving on this beautiful island since he was just 13 years old.  He is not only an Open Water Scuba Instructor, but a Master Scuba Diver Trainer with 10 specialties to teach.  Jose also enjoys guiding Tec 50 (advance nitrox & decompression procedures) and cave diving.  A self-certified polyglot, Jose is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.  In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, traveling, hitting the gym, and riding his motorcycle.  He also loves spending time with his family and our dog Mako.


Delaney Kepple

Managing Partner

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Delaney has grown up in the water (although she is now spoiled with the warm waters of Cozumel!).  She is currently an AOW diver with specialty training in Deep Diving and Nitrox.  Delaney earned her Business Degree from the University of San Diego and holds a "day job" in the medical field.  She also has over eleven years of professional photography experience and with that, captures memories for our customers, as well as managing our site design and social media accounts.  Delaney speaks English and conversational Spanish.  In her free time, Delaney loves snow skiing, traveling, and working out. 


Ivonne Flores

Equipment Manager

Ivonne was born in Mexico City, but has spent the last 35+ years in Cozumel.  She has over 30 years of exposure in the dive industry.  She is a certified Open Water Diver, and holds a degree as an English Teacher from Universidad Anahuac.  On top of working as our Equipment Manager, Ivonne provides services as a translator and a Spanish/English tutor.  Ivonne is incredibly creative and enjoys pencil drawing, wood carving, and gardening in her spare time.  As though managing dive equipment isn't enough work, Ivonne also likes to hit the gym with us!


Marco Ordoñez

PDC Excursion Specialist

If you've ever done one of our exciting Cenote excursions on the mainland, then you likely have had the pleasure of meeting Marco Ordoñez.  Marco joined our team in late 2023, but he has more than 20 years of experience in diving!  A Full Cave Diver and Dive Professional, Marco's priority is to ensure our divers feel safe and have fun on their mainland excursions!  He resides in Playa Del Carmen and loves exploring the cenotes of Riviera Maya!  Marco speaks Spanish and English, is a musician, photographer, and lover of nature and motorcycles. 


Victor Aragon

Dive Guide

Victor was born and raised in Mexico City, however he has spent much of his life in Cozumel.  He has been a Divemaster since 2006 and holds a degree from Universidad Insurgentes in Nutrition.  He is an active duty member of the Brigada de Rescate del Socorro Alpino de Mexico and provides Search and Rescue in remote locations.  Victor speaks Spanish and is working hard to learn English!  Victor's hobbies include speleology, rock climbing, hiking, jogging, and mountain biking.

smiling spanish man in his 40s with a short beard in a white collared shirt with no

Felipe Romo

Fleet Manager

Although he is originally from Mexico City, if you have seen Felipe captain a boat or lead a dive, you would guess he has been on the island his whole life!  Captain Felipe ensures that we make it to the dive sites safely, supervises our activities from the surface, manages our boat(s), and occasionally takes out divers as he himself is a Dive Professional!  In his spare time, he is a busy husband and father of three.  He enjoys fishing and finding the best dessert on the island!

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