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What We Provide

At Cozumel Abyss Divers, our focus is quality not quantity. View our service menu below to see what we offer, or feel free to check out our Courses page for more details on the diving education we provide!

Services for Certified Divers

Two Tank Guided Private Boat

Six Passengers: $620 USD

Eight Passengers: $775 USD

Are you diving with a group and desire a private boat with a private guide? Then this may be a good option for you! Six or less passengers will be subject to the six passenger price, while seven or eight passengers will be charged the eight passenger price.


Two Tank Guided Morning Dive

$110 per person

Are you visiting on your own or with a smaller group? If so, this may be the best choice for you! (Please note, these dives are during our morning shift.)

Guided Afternoon Dive

One Tank:

$85 USD

Two Tanks:

$110 USD

Are you visiting with a group and want to sleep in? If so, consider the afternoon shift! (Please note, these are afternoon dives and we do have a passenger minimum of five divers).

Guided Twilight Dive

One Tank:

$85 USD

Two Tanks:

$115 USD

$35 per person (shore dive)

How does a sunset dive sound? If you want to be out on the water during Golden Hour, then inquire about our Twilight Dive options! (Please note, there is a five passenger minimum for our Twilight dives from the boat). 


There is no diver minimum for the Guided Twilight Shore Dive.

Guided Night Dive

$75 per person

$35 per person (shore dive)

Did you know that lobster and octopi are nocturnal? Book a night dive with us to see these elusive creatures! (Please note, there is a five passenger minimum for guided night dives from the boat).

There is no diver minimum for Guided Night Dives from shore.

Guided Specialty Excursions

Punta Sur or Devil's Throat


Double Trouble $130USD

Maracaibo or Chun-Chacaab

$150 USD

Barracuda, San Juan, & Cantarel

$160 USD

Punta Sur & Devils Throat are some of the most iconic dives on the island.  Further South than the more familiar dive sites, these locations can be subject to stronger winds or currents and are not for beginner divers.

Our "Double Trouble" special features diving in the impressive Devil's Throat, followed by a wreck dive on the C-53 Felipe Xicotencatl.  Take note there is a four passenger minimum for this excursion.

Maracaibo & Chun-Chancaab reefs are just off the Southern Tip of the island and are technical dives or for divers with extensive experience. Neither southern tip or northern trips are recommended for beginner divers and we do require a minimum of four passengers.

Barracuda Reef, San Juan, & Cantarel are the Northernmost Reefs on the West side of the island and they are very complex dives.  These dives are only available at the discretion of our Chief Instructor and do have a passenger minimum of four divers.

Guided Technical Diving

Technical diving Open Circuit & Closed Circuit Rebreather / Gases & Sorb (Air, EAN, O2, TMx Normoxic)(Sofnolime) pricing available upon request.

Guided Cave or Cavern Diving

Cave and Cavern Diving is available in Cozumel with proper certification and at the discretion of our Chief Instructor. Cost may vary between $135 to $250 USD or more depending on gases, configuration and complexity of the dive.

Add On Services/ Equipment

Nitrox 32/36

$10 per tank

If you are Nitrox certified, we don't need to tell you the benefits of diving with Nitrox! Extended bottom time, shorter surface intervals, reduced exhaustion, and so on! How could you say no?

Equipment Cleaning and Storage

$15 /person /day

Do you dread cleaning and storing your equipment after diving each day? If so, let our amazing Equipment Specialist take care of that for you! 

Equipment Rentals

$40 full kit

$10 per item

$10 per light

$15 per CPU

Do you have your own BCD but need a regulator? Or maybe you forgot to pack your fins? Perhaps you are a new diver and haven't outfitted yourself yet! No worries, we have clean, safe equipment available for you to rent.

Are you doing a night dive and don't have your own flashlight? We got you!

Do you want to know more details of your dive profile? NDL, water temp or or average depth? Check our dive computers!

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